​CWC Ready Mix offers a wide variety of colored concrete options which vary by price depending upon the darkness of the color. Our wide selection of Davis Colors Concrete Color options can be found on the color chart linked below. For pricing or ordering please call (520) 297-2525 and provide the dispatcher with the names of any Davis Colors you might be interested in and we can provide you with a price quote and schedule a delivery once you have made a decision.

**Please note that the concrete colors you see online may be different than the actual given color depending upon your computer. For the most accurate color representation please pick up a free printed Davis Colors Concrete Color chart from our offices located at Nogales Highway/Hughes access or you can visit Border Products on I-10/Miracle Mile to request a copy as well.**


We also offer many additives which increase concrete durability, allowing it to preform to maximum life. One of these concrete additives is fiber mesh. This product helps control excessive cracking, lifting and separating of concrete when cracks occur from severe weather changes or heavier than normal loads and tree roots. The most enjoyable feature of using fiber mesh in your concrete is watching your demolition man struggle, wondering what kind of "super concrete" was used, once it comes time to remove your concrete slab.Engineers may design your projects with rebar, which must be used it to pass inspection by your city inspector but you can still add the fiber mesh with no problems to help ensure far fewer issues arise as metal rebar and wire-mesh can rust and concrete overtime from the surrounding moisture.


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CWC also offers chemical additives such as concrete recover and concrete accelerator. Concrete recover is typically used in the hotter months of the year when it is necessary to increase the duration in which is takes for the concrete to begin setting up. Accelerator on the other hand does the opposite, it speeds up the time in which is takes for the concrete to begin setting up and is typically used during colder months or late jobs where the process must be sped up beyond normal conditions. ​Type your paragraph here.